Mood Ease Massage
In 2003, Mood Ease Massage opened in Windsor.
Mood Ease Massage has been voted
Best Massage in Windsor 10 times.
Since opening, my team has developed
to provide expert massage services.
We are experts in helping people recover from pain, 
stress and to deeply relax. We now are offering Thai Bodywork which is a combination of yoga and massage.
So whether you are looking for the theraputic services we provide or a pampering session,
give us a call and book today.
You know how people hate to admit when women are right? If that's you, you shouldn't go see Danielle! Two years ago I treated myself to a massage at Mood Ease Massage. That was life changing for me. (obviously - since I still keep going back!) I have extremely "knotty muscles". After a few 1 hour sessions, Danielle convinced to me to try a 90 minute session. I thought she was crazy. Well, fast forward a year and now she is trying to convince me to go for 2 hours! Now I know she is out of her mind. I had my first two hour session this weekend. It flew by and while I am very sore today - my muscles already feel better. So shhh, don't tell Danielle that she was right, again!

Sandi Barbour
I would like to take a little time to tell everyone about a fabulous place here in Windsor to get a massage. I have been going to Mood Ease massage for the last 7-8 years and they have always given me a great massage, to help relieve my stress and tension. This past year Danielle has expanded her business and added Kathy to her staff. Kathy gives a massage that not only comforts you immediately, but she works out the areas where you are tight and the hour flies by, while she relieves all your tension and toxins from your body. Kathy takes her time and really works the areas that are tight to relieve the stress. You will greatly appreciate the experience, whether Danielle or Kathy are giving you that massage, you deserve and cherish. If you are looking for a deep tissue massage, then Danielle is you gal. If you are looking for a traditional massage then Kathy is who you need. You truly can’t go wrong no matter who you choose, just enjoy it.

Terry Walker
What can I say other than Danielle is the absolute best massage therapist on the planet - and I should know. As a massage junkie and the former owner of an AVEDA day spa, I have gotten massages from at least one hundred different massage therapists over the past twenty five years, and no one else has even come close to Danielle. I personally prefer deep-tissue massage, and Danielle, on a regular basis, raises me from the dead. Example: Just last week, I was barely ambulatory following a move from a conventional home to a second story condo. Long story short, after an hour and a half of biting the headrest, I felt about fifty percent less sore - the following day, I felt wonderful. As I said, I prefer deep tissue - the deeper, the better, but I also know from friends who are also clients of Danielle that she also does fantastic relaxation massages and everything in between. Her place of business is warm, inviting, relaxing, and rejuvenating. Bottom line (I've said this before and I'll say it again) if you get massages or are thinking about getting a massage, and you don't go to Danielle, you have or will have wasted both your time and your money. Danielle is the BEST - hands down, end of story. Danielle is a gifted artist who paints in massage therapy, and I, personally, will be seeing her every three weeks for the duration of my life; because I owe it to myself!

Alan Mascaranas
I have been coming to Mood Ease Massage for a number of years now.  I used to have the mindset that a massage was just a special treat to enjoy.  My thinking has completely changed since working with Danielle.  She has helped me to realize that massage is truly a health maintenance addition to keep my neck and shoulders loose, moving without pain and enjoying being active.  I will continue to be a dedicated life long client.

Penny Rittenhouse
About 13 yrs ago I had an accident that dislocated my left shoulder out thru the back under the scapula. After 3 surgeries, I was still just not feeling right and I was in pain. Someone recommended that I start seeing a chiropractor. So I did. With my upper body being so messed up from the year and a half process of getting my shoulder fixed, the chiropractor recommended that I see a Massage Therapist as well. That is when I met an amazing young lady. I really didn't think, at that point, that there was anything that anyone could do to help me. My life consisted of daily pain and a shoulder that I just in no way could get even get my elbow above my head. My muscles, tendons, and ligaments were so messed up and abused that it was throwing my entire body off kilter. Having to do most everything in life with just one good arm and shoulder messed up everything else. Lower back, hips, and my neck. Then Danielle Moody and Mood Ease Massage came into my life. Here is this tiny young woman, just out of school, and I totally thought that there was NO way she could help me. But here we go. I think she would have rather been using a jack hammer for the first dozen or so visits, but her Hands of Gold changed my life. It wasn't very long and my 5, 6 daily pain level, was down to a 1 or even zero. Movement returned, pain left and my life returned to normal again. I would like get all sappy here and tell you how much I truly love this beautiful lady, but I won’t. I will just tell you that I think she is an Angel. She affected my life for the rest of my life. Me being me, and having a Go Big or Go Home mentality, I will always be over doing something. Pulling this muscle, over stretching that muscle, and I always know who can fix me. I am thankful that I will always have Mrs Danielle and Mood Ease Massage to put me back together. An Amazing, Talented, and very skilled Massage Professional.

Kent Schippert
After going through a rough patch a few months ago, my doctor told me I needed to try a massage. I booked with Kathy at Mood Ease and I am so glad I did! It's amazing what happens to our bodies when they are stressed and Kathy was able to work out all the stress that my body was holding on to. She truly listened to what I needed and I have been experiencing amazing massages ever since. I feel so much better, mentally and physically, and I know it's because of Kathy's massages!

Kristi Armijo
Danielle has been my chosen massage therapist since 2009 when I began getting massages in combination with chiropractic treatment to address spinal and muscular issues brought on by heavy weightlifting.  In 2011, I was in a life-altering accident and I returned to Danielle after multiple surgeries and hundredss of hours of physical therapy as a key part of my recovery.  She rapidly adapted her skills to my unique needs
and proved an invaluable and irreplaceable part of my recovery, balancing pain relief with muscular and skeletal repair to help advance
my recovery far beyond medical expectations.  Danielle is an amazing massage therapist, human being, and friend.

Brian Haberman
Danielle is the best massage therapist I have been to, bar none. Though
not for the faint of heart, Danielle is completely dedicated to true
healing and health. She is powerful both in knowledge and practice,
offering a wide range of techniques and strategies to alleviate severe
pain and the effects of stress and poor posture in every day life. 10
days ago, I could not turn my head (which made backing out of parking
spaces a challenge!!). In three sessions, I have seen incredible
progress. I would never again go without her services, both for specific
issues and my physical health in general. I plan on sending everyone I
know - no one should give up the opportunity to benefit from her amazing

Dana Silk
 I  have been getting massages for over 20+ years and I have finally found
a therapist that actually release my tense muscle. Thank you Mood Ease!

Nikki Suzanne
If you want a deep tissue massage, that will get rid of all those knots, and get your muscles 💪🏿 right, this is the place to go. Not going to promise you won't be aching a bit afterwards, but your body will feel ten times better. Plus not to forget, there is a sauna to detox and relax the muscles 💪🏿!! I perdonally recommend this place!!!

Mike Okoth
So glad I found Mood Ease, they are amazing! They really listen to what
you need. Very kind and professional. I would highly recommend them!

Ali Yearous
Awesome sauce!!! I warn you that it may ruin what you thought a "real" massage is. This lady and her thumb, elbow, etc, know what they are doing. I was so bound up around my neck and shoulders that I constantly had a headache. It released so much I felt taller! I would reccomend either of these great massage therapists - life is too short for "fluff" massage!

Susan Jewell-Klema
Had a prenatal massage today on the new table built just for it and it
was so nice to lay on my stomach and get a full massage. It's always
challenging to get comfortable when pregnant but this was so wonderful
and relaxing!

Christina Gonzales